a film by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Tom is having a romantic evening with his mistress while his 8 years old daughter is sleeping upstairs. (...)

5min - 2020 - France

Christmas Roast

a film by Alexander Baghdasaryan

He administers the letter of the law and does it in good faith. He is a self-centered conformist. He (...)

20 min - 2019 - Armenia

Thunder From A Clear Sky

a film by Yohan Faure

Ten year after the discovery of a remote planetary system likely to sustain the early stages of a (...)

21 min - 2018 - France/Canada


a film by Kim Westerlund

A man regains consciousness as he is being buried alive. Overwhelmed by panic he tries to force his way (...)

9 min - 2019 - Finland

Better Men

a film by Guillaume Doucet

In a support group, Dave, a heavy-set man in his fifties, shares his story with difficulty. As he talks, (...)

11 min - 2020 - France

I'm not telling you anything, just sayin'

I’m not telling you anything, just sayin’

A film by Sanja Milardović

Zrinka arrives to her hometown for few days to do some location scouting. She stays at her mother Tanja’s (...)

18min - 2020 - Croatia

Camille and I

Camille and I

A film by Marie Cogné

Camille and I retrace the story of a couple of women from 2003 to today at through various key moments in (...)

18min - 2020 - France


a film by Shady Srour

Ziad, a Palestinian day laborer, is denied entry into Israel for work that day. Not wanting to return (...)

16 min - 2019 - Israël/Palestine/Allemagne

The Night Is Young

a film by Oliver Mörk

Inside a nightclub, a shy young man gets advice from his friend on how to hook up with women. (...)

13min - 2020 - Sweden


a film by Tõnis Pill

When two strangers’ paths cross after a car accident, the woman hijacks the situation and gets into the (...)

15min - 2020 - Estonia

The Zapperz

a film by Robin Barrière

If you knew what THEY do at home at night while you sleep ... These are "The Zapperz"! A short film which (...)

4 min - 2020 - France

Don’t Leave Me In The Shhh

a film by Robin Barrière et Benoît Nieto

In an effort to reduce sound pollution, the government has decided to instigate «mandatory quiet hours » (...)

8 min - 2019 - France

En Pointe

a film by Ulisse Lendaro

On a stage, in front of the committee from a prestigious French ballet academy, Camilla is troubled. She (...)

8min - 2020 - Italy

Tinder Surprise

un film de Rodolphe Bouquet

Le premier et dernier date de Martin et Julia.

13min - 2019 - France


a film by Rémy Rondeau

Anna is a young aspiring actress. Living in a small and old apartment in the projects and failing all her (...)

17 min - to be released 2020 - France


a film by Neda Radic

Emil, 12 year old, is fascinated with Dino, his mother’s young boyfriend and small time drug dealer. One (...)

15 min - 2020 - France / Croatia

Mom’s Movie

a film by Stella Kyriakopoulos

While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival swimming graduation exam in her backyard pool, (...)

13 min - 2019 - Greece/Spain

The Perfect Spot

a film by Laura Richard

Jean-François and Michel have very different points of view on nature. In fact, they weren’t made to tease (...)

17 min - 2019 - France


a film by Michiel Blanchart

The excessive nights, the good atmosphere and the camaraderie reign in the apartment of Gill, Rémi, Alwin (...)

15 min - 2019 - Belgique/France

Natural Paul

a film by Sam Tibi

When an unconfident young man and his self-assured flatmate meet two girls on a night out, their plan to (...)

24 min - 2019 - UK