a film by Jasper Vrancken

Richard (Matthieu Sys) works as a male nurse in a rest home. For the people around him, he tries to hide an unusual phantasy…or should we say fetish… Richard suffers from vorarephilia: he is sexually aroused by the idea of being eaten by an animal or monster. He tries to have “normal” sex and calls for a prostitute Ines, but in that he doesn’t find what he is looking for. Through a contact ad, he meets the mysterious Max (Pascal Maetens) and with that encounter the chance to fulfil his depraved fantasy. Can Richard escape his dark desires or not? (Read more...)


a film by Elliott McKee

Having survived the journey to Europe, Ebrahim waits in a camp halfway between the home he loves and his new life in ’the promised land’, which appears less promising with every passing day. (Read more...)