In Tune

A film by Xavier Inbona

While he must, no matter the costs, win the largest piano contest in the world, he has a stroke...

Xavier Inbonna
Director, actor and novelist, Xavier Inbona has played in more than thirty films. His latest novel "Pour toi" has been published by Harper Collins. Author-director of short films, all of them awarded, he is one of the thirteen directors chosen by Claude Lelouch to join his "Ateliers du Cinéma".

Festivals and Prizes
London Love Story Festival – UK (Best Film Score Award)
Los Angeles Short Film Festival - USA (selected)
Mumbai International Film Festival – India (Honorable Jury Mention)
Short, Tight and Loose Festival – USA (Best Short)
Festival Fenêtres sur Court – France (selected)
Twilight Tokyo Film Festival - Japan (Best Romantic Short)
Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival – USA (Finalist)
Cambria Film Festival of Romance – USA (Best Short Film)
Europe Asia Festival of Cinema - Indonesia (Crystal Award)
Padova 4th Wall Indie Filmmaker Festival – Italia (Best Film)
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience - USA (selected)
Festival Courts en Champagne – France (selected)
Tagore International Film Festival - India (Best Romantic Short And Film Score Awards)
SHORT to the Point – Romania (Best Romance)
Long Story Short – Romania (selected)
Fastnet Film Festival – Ireland (selected)
Bengalore International Film Festival - India (Best Film Score)
NYC Downtown Short Film Festival – USA (Best International Short Film)
Filmstrip International Film Festival FIFF – Romania (selected)
NextGn International Short Film Festival – India (selected)
GATFFEST Film Festival Kingston – Jamaica (selected)
International Screen Award - Indonesia (Platinium Award)
Virgin Spring Cinefest - India (Gold Award)
Love Wins Film Festival – USA (selected)
Calcutta International Film Festival - India (Best Film)
Visualis Film Festival - Russia (selected)
Druk International Film Festival – Bouthan (Best Film)
Mont Blanc International Film Festival – France (Outstanding Achievement Award)
Cult Critic Movie Awards - India (Best Film)
East Europe International Film Festival – Poland (selected)
World Film Carnaval - Singapour (Best Film)
Beyond the Curve – France (Best Film)
2020 Directors Circle Festival of Shorts – USA (selected)
US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award – USA (Best Film)
Jean-Luc Godard Awards – India (Best Film)
So Limitless and Free Film Festival – Canada (Best Film)
Festival du court métrage de Fréjus – France (selected)


Written and directed by : Xavier Inbona
Cast : Xavier Inbona, Charlotte Biziak, Gabin Henry, Olivier Naggara, Delphine Poudou, Marion Jadot, Michel Derville, Rémi Bergman, Cécile Dominjon, Axel Ducret, Christine Gaillard, Agathe Vidal, Elena Siberia
Director of photography : Luca Maihol
Production : Les Films 13
Producer : Claude Lelouch
Co production : La Société Française de Radiologie
2nd camera : Émile Phélizot
Sound : Mathilde Martouzet
Editor : Matthew Lemaître, Xavier Inbona
1st AD : Sonia Leval
Script : Émeline Prat_
2nd AD : Matthew Lemaître
Director of production : Rémi Bergman
Make Up : Flore Chandès
Music : Xavier Inbona