Heisenberg’s Uncertainty

a film by Richard Gérard

16 min - 2012 - Belgium

Remi and Bastien are friends, laid-back and soon engineers in the nuclear field. They are about to choose between friendship and career. But in this world, there is not good or bad choices. There are only choices...
And there is Remi’s choice.

Richard Gérard
Richard GERARD was born on March 28th, 1984 in Nantes, France. After graduating in nuclear engineering in 2007, he works several months as an intern in a leading nuclear company. After realising that this job was not for him, he enters the IAD, a movie school in Belgium.
« Heisenberg’s uncertainty » is his graduation movie.

L’Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD)
High School of Art, the pedagogical objective of the IAD is to train professional artists combining creativity, artistic sensibility, technical know-how and communication skills. Fictions, documentaries, scriptwriting, broadcasting, direction of photography, camera, editing, continuity, sound design, live sound engineering, special effects, 2D/3D animation, web design, …. theater, staging, … the training at the IAD opens to the learning of different forms of art expression.
The Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) (Institute of Media Arts) was created in 1959. From the outset, its purpose was to offer the full scope of courses and trainings relating to the audiovisual and performing arts within the framework of a single institute laying the emphasis on their artistic dimension. Since its creation, the IAD trained more than 2000 people to the professions associated with cinema, television, radio, animation, multimedia and theatre.
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Directed by: Richard Gérard
Produced by: IAD