The Girl with the Seamed Stockings

a film by Steven-Marc Couchouron

15min - 2014 - France

Mark is enraptured by the sight of a beautiful young woman hitching up her stockings in front of his Parisian bistro. When she walks into his café the next morning, he doesn’t yet know that he is going to become fully obsessed by her.

Steven-Marc Couchouron
After graduating in political science, Steven-Marc Couchouron begins a new career in cinema as an Assistant Director. He also writes several books on digital image. After stopping his work as an Assistant Director, he created SMC productions with Isabelle Lukacie and directed several medium-length films with her. “The Girl with the seamed stockings” is his first film as the sole director.


Directed by : Steven-Marc Couchouron
With : Alexandra Ansidei, Pierre-Henri Prunel, Cedric Carlier, Gérard Sattinger, Lucie Bazinet
Produced by : SMC Productions - Isabelle Lukacie