A film by Michael Chereau

Night has just fallen. It’s time to go to sleep, except for Sandier whose hard work has only just begun. On his bike, a big canvas bag full of sand in the back, he crosses the city to put the children to sleep. In front of a house, ready to enter, he discovers that he has awkwardly left his bag on his bike. He turns around and discovers with amazement that his bike has disappeared.

Festivals et Prix
. 2300 Plan 9 : Sélection Officielle
. Alternative Film Festival : Semi Finalist Best Short Film
. Assurdo Film Festival : Winner Best Director
Beeston Film Festival : Winner Best Director
. Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest : Winner Best Actor, Winner Best Film, Nominé Best Director, Nominé Best Screenplay, Nominé Best Original Score
. Canberra Short Film : Official Selection
. Couch Film Festival : Finaliste Best of the fest
. Feel The Reel : Official Selection
. Festival International du Film Court d’Angoulême : Sélection Officielle
. Lift Off Global : FF Sessions : Official Selection
. Geelong Underground Film Festival : Winner Best Story
. Indie Shorts Awards NYC : Winner Best Short, Winner Best Production Design, Winner Honorable Mention Best Editing
. Legacy The film club Toronto : Official Selection
. Long Story Short : Nominé Best Actor, Nominé Best Short, Nominé Best Cinematography, Nominé Best Editing
. Love Your Shorts : Official Selection
. Madras Independant Film Festival : Honorable Mention
. NAFCO Winter Film Festival : Judge’s Award Drama
. Nevermore Film Festival : Audience Award Winner – Best Fantasy
. New Generation Film Festival : Official Selection
. Prospector Internationnal Film Festival : Best Comedy Short
. Queen Palm Internationnal Film Festival : Best Short First Time Filmmaker, Best Original Score
. Rome Independent Prisma Awards : Winner Best Original Score, Nominé Best Actor, Nominé Best Cinematography, Nominé Best Costume Design, Nominé Best Of The Fest, Nominé Best Short Film
. Sensus Film Festival : Semi Finalist
. Un court tournable : Official Selection
. Varese International Film Festival : Winner Best Actor, Winner Best Costume, Winner Best original Score
. White Crown Film Festival : Winner Best Comedy
. Wild Indie Sci Fi & Fantasy Film Festival : Nominations - Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Young Filmmaker, Best First-time Filmmaker, Best Sound, Best 20 Minute Film


Directed and written by : Michael Chereau
Cast : Raphaël Mondon, Emmanuel Karsen, Vincent Schmitt, Bernard Pinet, Ludmila Ruoso
Director of photography : Alexandre Lorenzo
Production : Auto-production
Producer : Michael Chereau
2nd camera : Victor Guilbaud
Sound : Lucie Moussally
Editor : Maxime Sebeo
1st AD : Seymour Chase Dugowson
Script : François Lluelles
2nd AD : Ambre Rambaud
Director of arts : Alice Franchet
Make up : Alexandra Duponq
Composer : Michael Chereau
Costume : Lucile Auclair
Color grading : Didier Lefouest
Mix : Léonard Vanderhaegen
Location manager : Simon Besse