The Crossing Guard

a film by Marguerite Didierjean

14 min - 2018 - Belgium

Lucas (9) pretends his father is a pilot to impress his friends. It’s still better than a father who does nothing of his days. But Lucas’s father finds work again: he is the one who will now help children to cross the road in front of the school.

Marguerite Didierjean
Marguerite Didierjean is born in Paris in 1981. After a master in Litterature she gets her master degree as director from famous Belgian film high school INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion, Bruxelles). The Crossing Guard is her third short film. In 2013, she created the editors and scriptwriters community La Bulle.


Cast : Archibald Smets, Vincent Lecuyer, Simon Caudry, Félix Barel
Directed by : Marguerite Didierjean
Written by : Marguerite Didierjean, Cécile Lugiez
Cinematography : Aurélian Pechmeja
Sound : Kenzo Chale
Production : Frédéric Mosbeux, François Dubois (No Be One)
Editor : Ludivine Saës