The Space Between Us

a film by Masa Neskovic

18 min - 2013 - Serbia

Hana is in her apartment, getting ready to leave. Her elusive lover is observing her. At times, they exchange thoughts on topics that seem to haunt her. She is trying to stay composed, but she is torn between the inner and the outer world. However, tonight, when she comes back, the memories will still be there and all the trees will be silent.

Masa Neskovic
Masa Neskovic was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) in 1984. She graduated film directing from Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama Arts in 2009. She made nine short fiction films and three documentaries. She also does music videos and at times works for television (MTV Europe anti trafficking campaign, director of “Serbia’s Got Talent” show, X Factor etc). In 2011 she participated in Sarajevo Talent Campus. She’s currently working on her first feature film, "The longest summer on Earth".

Dart Films
Dart Film is a production and postproduction company based in Belgrade, Serbia.
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Directed by: Masa Neskovic
Produced by: Natasa Damnjanovic, Vladimir Vidic, Vuk Borisavljevic - Dart Films
Cast: Tamara Krcunović, Miloš Timotijević