A film by Sacha Bruyelle and Sam Van Hollebeke

A bard on a journey meets a creature who blocks his way.

4min - 2021 - Belgium

At The End Of The World

A film by Martin Kukal

A nearly common shop with a nearly common corpulent saleswoman, Karla, lies at the end of the world. Out (...)

10 min - 2020 - Czech Republic - No Dialogue

Ouic Ouic

A film by Pol Bourdellon

In a park, an old man sat on a bench holding its doggo in leach, is falling in love with an old lady dog (...)

6min - 2020 - Belgium - French

The Black Box

a film by Joris Clerté

14 years after the Paris Commune, a young provincial confronts former insurgents with an innovative (...)

16 min - 2020 - France

Twin Trees

A film by Emmanuel Ollivier

A brother and sister walk along, each carrying a tree in a small pot. When they come accross a parrot and (...)

4 min - 2020 - France



A film by Marion Auvin

Jean, a well-known but casual actor, arrives on set freshly shaved while his director had asked him to (...)

13min - 2020 - France

The Zapperz

a film by Robin Barrière

If you knew what THEY do at home at night while you sleep ... These are "The Zapperz"! A short film which (...)

4 min - 2020 - France


a film by Léo Becker

The curious encounter between a residential building and a giant robot in the canal of (...)

3 min - 2018 - Belgium


a film by Robin Barrière

Performing a magic trick, a 5 years old kid meets an imaginary friend. A short film for everyone, that (...)

6 minutes - 2018 - France


a film by Elie Chapuis

In a city, at night, a human-shaped deer tries to steal a man’s identity by taking his head (...)

7 min - 2013 - Switzerland / France

Golden Bird

a film by Debraj Sarkar

A child comes to his home village and listens to the story of the Golden Bird, told by his (...)

11 min - 2015 - India

Dinner for Few

a film by Nassos Vakalis

“Dinner For Few” is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, "the system" feeds the few who (...)

11 min - 2014 - USA/Greece


a film by Cid

A girl discovers a fake world that takes color away from people.

6 min - 2013 - Madagascar

Murderer Alias X

a film by Antonio Veiras & Lynn Devillaz

Linda is a little girl rejected by other children and by her family. She lives in a small town where a (...)

9 min - 2012 - Switzerland

The Great Rabbit

a film by Atsushi Wada

Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great. We have moved with the time, our (...)

7 min - 2011 - France/Japan

Waiting for Yesterday

a film by Patrick Junghans

A depressed man struggles to move on and escape haunting memories of his wife, who was killed several (...)

8min - 2011 - Belgium