a film by Laura Bossicart & Noemi d’Ursel

One night, while Elizabeth is sculpting in her studio, her mother drops by unexpectedly. The encounter (...)

11 minutes - 2018 - Belgium

Cowboy Dave

a film by Colin O’Toole

Cowboy Dave is based on a true story of how a young boy’s life is changed by a chance encounter with an (...)

25 minutes - 2017 - United Kingdom

The Damsels

a film by Delphine Corrard

Laurenne is an old lady in a retirement home. Discreet and disciplined, Laurenne is getting depressed in (...)

20 min - 2018 - France


a film by Sophie Martin

Jully, a 14 years old teenager girl with a sturdy character and captain of her city’s basketball team, is (...)

22 minutes - 2018 - France


a film by Sacha Ferbus and Jeremy Puffet

First in first out (FIFO) is a shelving technique used in supermarkets. Stephan must place the freshest (...)

13 minutes - 2018 - Belgium


a film by Baptiste Petit-Gats

It is All Saints’ Day. Bérénice wanders through the city. She must find flowers for the grave. Sacha, her (...)

19 minutes - 2018 - France


a film by Arnaud Siad

In a remote village in Iceland, Halldór, a young man in his twenties, waits for a bus that will never (...)

13 minutes - 2018 - Iceland / France

Mr Hernst

a film by Vincent Capello

Mr. Hernst has forgotten everything, even his own identity. His doctor tries to recover the memory of the (...)

15 minutes - 2016 - France

Our Children

a film by Sarah Suco

Lucie and Jean just came back from a night out when the baby sitter’s weird behavior makes them feel (...)

10 minutes - 2017 - France

Remote Control

a film by Gauthier Battoue

6AM. Sophie takes a swig of Redbull as she stares at the screens lighting up the ground control station. (...)

15 minutes - 2017 - France

Gionatan With a G

a film by Gianluca Santoni

Gionatan is nine with adult eyes. In the hospital waiting room her mother is receiving medical attention. (...)

15 minutes - 2016 - Italy


a film by Alexandre Martins

“Madá” tells the story of Madalena as she begins to work as a house keeper in a new home, having to deal (...)

20 min - 2017 - Brasil

Ride Sally Ride

a film by Julien Hosmalin

A few months after their breakup, Samuel has agreed to meet Alice on a diner’s parking lot to pick up the (...)

23 minutes - 2017 - France / Belgium

New Start

a film by Pascale Guerre

A man separated from the woman he still loves tries everything to get her back and decides to use the (...)

18 min - 2015 - France


a film by Jessica Palud

Every night, Dolly goes on dating site to finally find love. After a conversation with a stranger, the (...)

13 min - 2016 - France

And Why Not ?

a film by Blanche Pinon and Nicolas Fay

Virginie, a charming girl, is waiting for an old girl friend she lost touch with but met up with again on (...)

12 min - 2016 - France


a film by Laura Townsend

« Terminus » is a truck stop lost in the middle of Beauce, France, on Route 20. Sarah, a young flight (...)

21 min - 2016 - France


a film by Mathieu Mortelmans

Philippe works as a Judge at the criminal court. He has a complicated relationship with his son Hugues. (...)

31 min - 2016 - Belgium

The Endless Days

a film by Philippe Grenier

Isolated in a secluded country house, Simon challenges his mother’s authority and confronts the norms. His (...)

15 min - 2016 - Canada

The Leaves Picker

a film by Rémy Rondeau

Leon is 72 and always says he is a « Leaves picker ». The last of this today forgotten job. In autumn, he (...)

13 min - 2016 - France