A film byFrançois Vacarisas

Tom is 15 years old. He’s staying at his father’s house for the weekend, to spend an oppressive (...)

24 min - 2021 - Belgium/France - French

Life Is Not a Game

A film by Quentin Ménard

On a Christmas morning, Jeanette and her grandson are playing Lotto Bingo. They live together and they (...)

2 min - 2021 - France - French

Emma Forever

A film by Léo Fontaine

At 16, Ugo falls in love for the first time. Her name is Emma. He never spoke to her but tonight she will (...)

23 min - 2020 - France - French

M3mory of Man

A film by Henri de Trogoff

As the human species is going extinct, a war pits Surface drones against the last survivors living (...)

14 min - 2021 - France - French/English

Venise N’Existe Pas

A film by Ana Girargot

This night in Venise, Louise is pretty sure that her boyfriend Charles will ask her for marriage. But (...)

17 min - 2020 - French - Français

The Scar

A Film by Laurent Firode

By wanting to make a scar disappear, isn’t Laure likely to make part of her past disappear?

11 min - 2021 - France - French

At The End Of The World

A film by Martin Kukal

A nearly common shop with a nearly common corpulent saleswoman, Karla, lies at the end of the world. Out (...)

10 min - 2020 - Czech Republic - No Dialogue

Ace of Cubs

A Film by Henri Kebabdjian

Nathan is joined by his daughter Camille by the racetracks. He hopes that by betting on the race, he will (...)

10 min - 2021 - France - French


A Film by Paul Vincent de Lestrade

An opportunity arises for Nina, a 19 years-old athlete, when her teammate suddenly quits and she is (...)

26 min - 2020 - France - French


A film by Pascal Thiebaux & Gil Pinheiro

In France the tooth fairy is depicted as The Little Mouse, a kind and generous mouse. What if she (...)

13min - 2015 - Luxembourg - French

Ouic Ouic

A film by Pol Bourdellon

In a park, an old man sat on a bench holding its doggo in leach, is falling in love with an old lady dog (...)

6min - 2020 - Belgium - French

Finders Keepers

A film by Mark Bethune

Ever since ’they turned the networks off’, one paranoid scavenger has made a business out of gathering (...)

20min - 2020 - Canada - English


A film by Thomas Pédeneau

On a set, Kaja, a young comedian, refuses to rehearse with his partner Joseph, who is pointing a gun at (...)

15 min - 2020 - France - French


A film by Sylvain Begert

Mathieu, an ordinary father in his forties, decides, for some unknown reason, to go back to boxing. He is (...)

14min - 2020 - France - French


A film by Michael Chereau

Night has just fallen. It’s time to go to sleep, except for Sandier whose hard work has only just begun. (...)

15 min - 2020 - France - French


A film by Théo Gottlieb

Two sisters live in the countryside with their mother, they have something extraordinary...

9 min - 2020 - France - French

I Don’t Know

A film by Jérémy Barlozzo

Three friends of long date, a threesom, but will they go all the way ? I don’t know

14 min - 2020 - France - French

In Tune

A film by Xavier Inbona

While he must, no matter the costs, win the largest piano contest in the world, he has a (...)

15 min - 2020 - France - French


A film by Caroline Brami and Frédéric Bas

Julia, an experienced history teacher in a quiet highschool, is facing an inspector from the National (...)

16min - 2021 - France - French

B&B 2.0

A film by Anaïs Venturi and Philip Matteaccioli

In a big French city, Diane and her teenage daughter come back from vacation. They find a man embedded in (...)

13min - 2020 - France - French