The Van

a film by Erenik Beqiri

The Van finally stops, the doors open and Ben comes out alive. A few more fights and he will be able to (...)

15 min - 2019 - France / Albania

Creole Balls

a film by Juan Vicente Manrique and Vittorio Dugarte Barbarito

Oscar and Paco live in a country where a fascist revolution has been imposed for the last 50 years (...)

12min - 2018 - Venezuela


a film by Jan Vejnar

A man follows a group of workers coming for daywork in an industrial area. Soon, he’s stripped from his (...)

14 min - 2019 - France/Czech Republic


a film by Jasper Vrancken

Richard (Matthieu Sys) works as a male nurse in a rest home. For the people around him, he tries to hide (...)

20 min - 2018 - Belgium


a film by Romain & Thibault Lafargue

In a police station, a man is waiting his turn. He seems nervous... but why ?

2 min - 2019 - France

I Am, We Will Be

a film by Guillaume Caramelle

Despite an undetectable viral load, Clemence, HIV positive, is apprehensive to make love with Arnaud (...)

3 min - 2019 - France

Letters to God

a film by Yves Cohen

Since his daughter’s death, Moshe lives alone rejecting his wife whom he blames for this tragedy. In order (...)

15 min - 2019 - France

(I Am) Unhappy

a film by Maria Castillejo Carmen

Cloé, a 10-year-old girl, asks herself questions about her situation, and tries to give meaning to her (...)

5 min - 2011 - Belgium

Bad Hair

a film by Oskar Lehemaa

Insecure and balding Leo has closed himself in his apartment. A mysterious hair growth liquid arrives at (...)

15mn - 2019 - Estonia

What Happened to Evie

a film by Kate Cheeseman

A girl’s fractured memories distort the truth of a sexual assault in this multi-layered (...)

11 minutes - 2017 - United-Kingdom


a film by Welby Ings

When the truth behind a family myth is exposed a young boy nds the strength to stand up for himself in an (...)

15 min - 2017 - New Zealand


a film by Robin Barrière

Performing a magic trick, a 5 years old kid meets an imaginary friend. A short film for everyone, that (...)

6 minutes - 2018 - France

The Virtuoso

a film by Jean-Patrick Mulon

Seduction is a game and Carry is the best seducer. When he spots a target like Clara, his only goal is to (...)

8 minutes - 2017 - France

Too Belgian for you

The Best of belgian comedy

Five award winning short films : Welkom, With Thelma, Kapitalistis, The Plumber and The Black Bear. (...)


a film by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

Marie gets to know Kevin online, the sweetest and romantic boy she ever spoke...She can wait to share (...)

15 minutes - 2017 - Belgium

Cowboy Dave

a film by Colin O’Toole

Cowboy Dave is based on a true story of how a young boy’s life is changed by a chance encounter with an (...)

25 minutes - 2017 - United Kingdom

Tick Tock

a film by Benjamin Pallier & Alexandre Gillet

Two gangsters end up in an underground car park for an exchange of goods but the sudden arrival of a (...)

7 minutes - 2018 - France

The Damsels

a film by Delphine Corrard

Laurenne is an old lady in a retirement home. Discreet and disciplined, Laurenne is getting depressed in (...)

20 min - 2018 - France


a film by Kévin Noguès

Camille has blacked out to his own life. Days pass, metronomic, between his work in a factory and the (...)

20 min - 2018 - France


a film by Sophie Martin

Jully, a 14 years old teenager girl with a sturdy character and captain of her city’s basketball team, is (...)

22 minutes - 2018 - France