Imparfait du Subjectif

A film by David Grumbach

Louis meets up his friend Romain at a party where he knows no one else. He rapidly ends-up alone when he (...)

8 min - 2011 - France

Directed By

A film by Alban Mench

Renowned arthouse filmmaker Arnaud Moser convinces a Z movie producer to let him direct his next slasher (...)

19 min - 2012 - France

Slippery Ground

A film by Olivier Riou

A hot, quiet summer night. A fifty-year-old man, alone in his small bed. He is asleep... when he gets (...)

8 min - 2012 - France

The Green Dogs

By Mathias & Colas Rifkiss

Oswaldo and Babass’, two fifty years- old workers keen on football are threatened by the relocation of (...)

20 min - France - 2012