Night Walking

a film by Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni

To fall asleep, we need to close your eyes, and after a few minutes, it will happen naturally. Or not at all. But then, what should we do? Rub our toes together? Think of ice cream? Challenge the monsters? Go on a quest to find sleep? Search the night with headlamps in order to find out where it’s hiding?

Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni
Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni are writers and directors of fiction films.
The duo started in 2007. In the process of raising funds for short film Just the letter T , that was ment to be their first work together, they start longing for action, and quickly set up a project to experiment stage methods on the set, with many rehearsals, lots of writing during shooting, and room for improvisation. This results in the short film Last Play, an experimental thriller which ends with a narrative blow out.

Next film is Domestic Tale, a more challenging project about the feeling of jealousy in love relationships. Just as before, they initiate at the same time a low-budget, very-small-production film, that allows them to experiment and keep on practising their filmmaking skills : The wolf’s version, an adaptation of The little Red Riding Hood in which the wolf gets to tell his side of the story.

Then comes Lucha Libre, a short film on couple arguments and With Thelma who won the Magritte for best fiction short film in 2018.The duo is now working on two feature films, that are both comedy-dramas.

Awards and Festivals:

12 Months Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Roumania) - in competition
Dumbo Film Festival (New York, USA) - in competition
SHORT To The Point (Bucharest, Roumania) - in competition
MINIKINO Film Week (Bali, Indonesia) - in competition
Zinetxiki Zinemaldia Film Festival for Children and Youth (Bilbao, Basque Country) - in competition
International Film Festival for children and youth Kinoclub (Katowice, Poland) - in competition
International Tour Film Festival (Rome, Italy) - in competition
Film Festival of Cinema Du Grain à Démoudre (France) - out of competition


Directed by : Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni
Cast : Augusta Bodson, Thelma Balboni
Written by : Raphaël Balboni
Production : Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois (Origine Films, FR)
Cinematographer : Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni
Sound : Raphël Balboni
Editor : Raphaël Balboni
Colorgrading : Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Sound design : Julien Mizac (Studio Chocolat Noisette)
Original music : Airtone - Night Rain
ISAN : 0000-0004-E9E8-0000-S-0000-0000-R
VISA : in progress