The Spider’s Web

by Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy

17 minutes - Drama - France / Belgium

Hakan is a young Turk who works as a construction painter in France with his father Mustafa. When his future is read out to him in coffee grounds, he decides to make some difficult decisions. Mustafa will have to face the choices of his son for the first time.

Hüseyin was born in Turkey in 1988 and has been living in France since he was 3. He grew up with this double culture and remained very attached to his country of origin. He started taking theatre classes at age 7 and headed towards cinema and filmmaking in the course of his years of training. After having directed a couple a couple of home short movies, he co-created the production company Quadrangle Productions with 3 friends in 2011 and auto-produced his first short film "La Quatorzième" and the second one, "8 Months", which was shot in his Turkish home village with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture. He produced his third short film "The Spider Web" with Origine Films and is still developing his film projects, such as the writing of his first feature film.


Clap d’or at Clap 89 in Sens (France)
Special Mention Award at Boston Turkish Festival (USA)
Festival Le Court en dit Long 2015 (France)
Festival Ecran Libre d’Aigues-Mortes 2015 (France)
Kinofest Romania (out of competition, world panorama)
Ifva Asian New Force Category Finalist (Hong Kong)
Rendez-vous avec le cinéma turc à Paris
Boğaziçi Film Festival, Istanbul - in competition
Le temps presse short film festival - in competition (France)
IFVA awards Hong Kong - in competition
Golden sun short film festival in Malta - in competition
Cluj shorts (Romania) - in competition
Eskişehir shortfest (Turkey) - in competition
DEA open air international film festival (Albania)
Chacun son court (France) - out of competition
Festival de curtmetrages de Manlleu (Spain) - in competition
Aaretaler Kurzfilmfestival (Switzerland) - out of competition
Festival Eurydice (France) - in competition
One Country One Film (France) - in competition
Festival de FICMA de Salamanca (Spain) - in competition


Directed by: Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy
Produced by : Emilie Dubois & Olivier Berlemont - oriGine films
Co-produced by : Julie Esparbes & Anthony Rey - Hélicotronc
Cast : Cagdas Dogan, Ahmet Zirek, Sedef Ecer, Chérazade Benyahia
Screenplay : Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy
Assistant Director : Alexandra Kan
Continuity : Mélanie Parent-Chauveau
Director of Photography : Fiona Braillon
Sound : Jérémie Vernerey
Line Producer : Guillaume Rizo
Location Manager : Aline Battaglia
Art Director : Charlotte Casamitjana
Make-up: Tatiana Simmen
Costumes: Sandy Gertz
Editing : Pauline Pallier
Music : Emrah Kaptan
Région Alsace
France 3
Fonds Images de la Diversité
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
La Sacem en association avec Alcimé
ISAN : 0000-0003-8C8E-0000-H-0000-0000-N
VISA : 139 141