By Mutual Agreement

A film by Rémy Cayuela

12 minutes - France - 2014

In the darkness of their living room Guillaume and Caroline are fighting for their common goods, splitting them with a dice game. All their goods... Including their ultimate one: their"flesh and blood". That’s precisely when they realize that the birth of their son is the reason why their relationship is broken. So they decide to fix it... 

Rémy Cayuela
Remy Cayuela is a French director. "The Deafgame", his graduation short film at ESAV (french film school) has quickly shown his interest for fine comedy. While the shortfilm became successful going from one festival to another, Remy started to direct music videos for the likes of WAT, Naïve New Beaters, Wilkinson, and Duke Dumont amongst others.
He won twice the audience award at Protoclip International Music Video Festival in 2011 (for WAT "Kill Kill") and in 2012 (for Naïve New Beaters "Jersey"). His last music video for Wilkinson has been selected for the IMVF 2013 (International Music Video Festival in Paris) and won the D&B Arena award in London. His ability to find strong concepts, and to mix comedy and storytelling quickly made him move to commercials (Société Générale,, Outlet, C’vous, World of Simple, …).
Jumping from one project to another, Remy directed his second shortfilm, a 10mn comedy mixing black and absurd humor called « By mutual agreement » produced by Origine Films.

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Awards and Festivals
A Cinematographer of month at 12th Month (Roumania)
Grand Prix at CoursDraguicourt (France)
Audience award at L’Embobiné à Mâcon (France)
Special jury price in Citycourt Festival - Hagondange (France)
Special mention Reggio film festival (Italy)
Best film, Best actor for Alexandre Steiger and audience award at Seinema festival (France)
Jury award at Sup de courts, Paris (France)
Lenzing Award - Festival of Nations 2015 (Austria)
Festival du Film Rhônalpin (France)
UN Pays UN Film (France)
Viewster Online Film Fest (Swiss)
Sacramento French Film Festival (USA)
Festival "En détention" pour le Prix des Détenus de la Centrale d’Yzeure-Moulins (France)
Sélection HUMOUR AMER, Festival du Court Métrage d’Humour de Meudon (France)
Festival de Film de HOF (Germany)
Festival Tournez-Court, parallel selection (France)
Festival du Film de Nancy-Lorraine, out of competition (France)
St Petersburg Beginning Film Festival (Russia)
Courts en Champagne Film Festival (France)
Isle Adam Short Film Festival (France)
Les Enfants Terribles (Belgium)
Villeurbanne Short film festival (France)
Exground filmfest "best of shorts" Program (germany)
Colchester Film Festival (England)
International film festival city of Soria (Spain)
L’Alpe d’Huez, festival international de film de comédie en Isère (France)
Vélizy-Villacoublay 2015 short film festival (France)
International short film festival Aubagne 2015 (France)
Leiden International Short Film Experience , LISFE (Nederland)
Festival Corti da sogni, Ravenna (Italy)
Fest New directors New films - Espinho (Portugal)
Festival Ecran Libre, Aigues-Mortes (France)
La Nuit du Court Métrage en Haute-Provence, Gréoux-les-Bains (France)
Festivals faites des Courts, Brie-Comte-Robert (France)
Fenêtres sur Courts (France) - compétition francophone Humour et Comédie
Sedicicorto International Film Festival - official competition (Italy)
Amarcort Film Festival (Italy)
12th International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany)
Ascona Film festival (Switzerland)
Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany) - out of competition
Doha Film Institute - Ajyal Youth Film Festival (Qatar) - "Bader" competition
17th Landshut short film festival (Germany) - in competition
Festival Armoricourt (France) - in competition
Festival Corti a ponte (Italy) - in competition
The Unprecedented Cinema (Estonia) - in competition
Festival Alto Vicentino (Italy) - in competition
BuSho in Budapest (Hungary) - in competition
Aareltarer Kurzfilmfestival (Switzerland)
Reggio Film Festival (Italy) - retrospective
Festival International du Film de Comédie de Liège (Belgium) - in competition
5th Ascona Film Festival (Switzerland) - in compétition
Hidalgo international film festival (Mexico) - in competition


Directed by : Rémy Cayuela
Produced by : Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois - Origine Films
Cast : Anouk Féral, Alexandre Steiger, Timothé Vom Dorp
Scenario : Rémy Cayuela, Gaëlle Bellan
Assistant Director : Pierre-Louis Turquet
Script : Julie Collet
Production Manager : Elise Cresson, Mariette Mammone
Location Manager : Nikos Talbi-Lykakis
Director of Photography : Benjamin Rufi
Editing : Edouard Mailaender
Sound : Baptiste Marie
Art Director : Pauline Reichenbach
Makeup Artist : Marie Goetgheluck
Original Music : Sylvain Morizet
Special Effects : Cyrille Greneux
Partners & Supports :
Coproducers: Septentrion Films, Manuel Cam
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ISAN : 0000-0003-8C91-0000-0-0000-0000-3
VISA : 138 205